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Triarchy – About Launching Atelier Denim

Triarchy – About Launching Atelier Denim

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We heard about that new high end denim launch from Triarchy called Denim Atelier – an amazing project based on keeping the environment cleaner and healthier.

Before we go any further into this, check out what Adam Taubenfligel, co-owner and designer of the brand had to say about this during Fashion Week in an interview.

Why did you decide to become a fashion designer?

It wasn’t so much a decision as it just was. I found my old notebooks from high school and drawn on just about every page was either clothing or architecture…. So I think it was always in the cards.

What is your favorite part about being a designer?

That inspiration can come from anywhere at anytime. You could literally be walking down the street and catch the stitch detail on the pocket of someones jacket and that visual reference seems to unlock a vault in your brain. An entire collection can be born from a moment like that. It’s magical.

What was your inspiration this season and how did you select the materials you used?

The inspiration for Triarchy and our new branch, Triarchy Atelier Denim was to combine vintage denim with luxury materials. We’ve always loved denim for its unmatched versatility. Its such an amazing material that I can’t get enough of, and I loved the concept of making pieces that are part denim and part luxury textiles. We created these custom textiles with a mill in France and the combination of the two is amazing. They compliment one another perfectly.

Beyond that though we really started to think about the water consumption that is used to do denim washes so I wanted to start seeing how we could make new pieces out of existing denim material, so we began re purposing vintage and now many of the pieces in the Atelier collection are re purposed vintage denim with the custom textiles. It tells such a beautiful story and is a much more sustainable way to make these pieces. Sustainable luxury is what we’re after here.

Who is the we you are referring to?

My brother and sister make up the other two sides of Triarchy. Mark handles the business end and Ania heads up our social media and brand styling, as well as being a bounce board for everything I do. We all compliment each others’ skill sets well.

So is Atelier Denim a new brand?

No, it’s a branch of Triarchy, we realized that our jeans are Triarchy and always will be, but these new pieces and the time that goes into making them and sourcing the materials makes them a lot more exclusive as we can only make so may of them, this is why we’ve called it Triarchy Atelier Denim. To differentiate.

You’ve just shown at Toronto Fashion Week. How did the show go?

In a word, perfection. I’ve never been prouder of a collection and I think when everything is done right you can really tell. Everything fell together perfectly; The models, the music, the team we had working with us on this. It was one of the best experiences of my life so far. That’s how good it was.

What is your greatest weakness?

I don’t know. I would have said things in the past like wearing my heart on my sleeve or something like that but its amazing when you learn how to identify when your ego is speaking. If you can master that then the only weakness you can have is listening to your ego. Lose your pride, admit when you’re wrong and be kind to everyone. That’s not being weak. It takes a lot more strength to be kind than to be mean.

So what is your greatest strength?

Being kind.

What’s unacceptable to you?

People who are unkind. I’ve really shifted in the past few years to realize that we are all spinning around on this rock together and if anyone is seemingly causing you grief it usually says a lot more about their relationship with themselves than their relationship with you. All you can control in this life is how you react to any given situation, so react with kindness. When I see otherwise I find that to be unacceptable. But I didn’t always realize what I just said so you have to accept that people need to figure it out for themselves in their own time.
Why do you love what you do?

Because it’s art. Expression. Love. Designing this collection was like falling in love.

Who inspires you?

All of the glorious people that have come into my life. Whether in friendship or love or work or any which way. I love people and I love to love. Life inspires me, love inspires me.

What inspires you on a daily basis?

Everything. Being alive, breathing, laughing, appreciating things like the use of my hands and the fact that I can smile and cry and laugh. Life is always inspiring because we’re alive to experience all of it. The lows and the highs.

What are you listening to right now?

Unheard Abba. I grew up listening to Abba Gold thanks to my glorious Mother but I just recently realized thanks to Apple Music that there is so much Abba that wasn’t included on the gold albums…so I’ve been having a real renaissance with that. Like the fact that did you know they recorded the gold album entirely in Spanish?? It’s amazing.

What are you favorite pair of jeans?

Triarchy men’s skinnies or a recently acquired pair of 1985 Levi’s 505’s that have the most amazing amount of natural distressing I have ever seen.

Whats on trend for next season?

Nothing. There is no next season. Seasons are done. They have been for us for a while. They make no sense anymore. Half the planet doesn’t live in winter when it’s winter here. Its such a restrictive way to live and work. Not to mention we’re a denim brand. For us we will continue to listen to the people who appreciate the work we do and the time we put into the atelier pieces we create. We’ll continue creating amazing pieces throughout the year from that touch-point.

If you could give your young self advice when you were starting what would it be?

Find one thing that you do really well, get that right and then market to 100 people and get that right, then grow from there. Or even 20 people. With all the social media and content being thrown at us on a daily basis I think were losing the point. Fast fashion and everything available now now now is going to kill us. We want to slow down and make things that matter and that resonate with a few instead of making things to reach the hands of thousands one day only to be discarded the next day.

I’m telling you if you saw the amount of discarded clothes that I see, some still with tags on them it would make you rethink how you shop.

My great aunt was not a wealthy woman but she always had custom shoes made. Her friends would say to her “what are you doing getting custom shoes made when you have no money?!” Her response is the reason that we started the Atelier line, she said: “I’m too poor to buy cheap shoes”.

When you buy quality it lasts and it means something. That’s the direction we’re headed, to create for people who get that.

Last Question. What’s next?

Sleep, and more creating.

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