Unique Overalls by Rolla's Jeans - Highway Flare

It was fun seeing the overall trend pop up again last year, right after we figured it was pretty much a solid thing of the past. Like culottes, flares, and even boyfriend jeans at one time, this style may not have been widely grasped but it’s been growing pretty steadily in the market! Personally, I’m not sure if it’s quite my style, but I’m seeing some bloggers and models rocking them and looking pretty darn chic! Now check these out. Here are some unique overalls by Rolla’s Jeans, a brand from Australia. This one above is the Highway Flare Overall in Highway Blue, with a vintage look that’s sure to turn heads! The flare detail and low cut brace detail definitely set this one apart from the others.

The Eastcoast Flare in Nick’s Blue below has more traditional lines, but is finished with a flattering waist seam and a zipper that spans all the way down the front! Also cut into a flare fit, this signature piece from Rolla’s is made to flatter any body shape with a slight stretch factor to hug all curves.

Unique Overalls by Rolla's Jeans - Eastcoast Flare

Shop the Rolla’s Jeans Highway Flare Overall here and the Eastcoast Flare Overall in Nick’s Blue here!

You can also find a huge selection of other cute styles from Rolla’s at Revolve, here.