2nostalgik in SCHOEN by YU

The denim industry is already ridiculously saturated and competitive, and we have the utmost respect for anyone working their butts off to get in the denim game nowadays! It is pretty rare to make it to superstar status with a new brand, much less in just a year, and yet we’ve seen that with one of our absolute favorite brands, SCHOEN by YU. Coming out of what seemed like nowhere last year, this brand has already been seen on numerous celebrities, bloggers, and even on models for the photo shoots of other apparel companies! Here is a model shot from Los Angeles brand 2nostalgik in SCHOEN by YU, featuring their Icon in Carbon and Indigo. The Icon is truly unique, with a beautiul dual fabrication colorblock design. The back half and waistline is made of the brand’s secret model and lycra blend, and the front is made of a stretch leather-like sateen. It also has moto styling, a 26.5″ crop and a modest 9.5 mid rise! Sewn and washed in Los Angeles, and certified “Eco-Sustainable” by Oeko Tex Association, you know you’ve got a real winner here, as with all SCHOEN by YU jeans!

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