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Ashley Greene was photographed wearing Siwy at the 6 Bullets to Hell Mobile Game Launch Party in Los Angeles! She walked the red carpet in her Felicity Seamless ‘Let it Be’ Skinny Jeans.

The Siwy’s brand new spring style, the Seamless, has become a very sought after must have jean for any lady that wants to take off at least one inch from the side of her legs. Being that these jeans have no seam along the outside length, they give the vision of really, and I damn mean REALLY skinnier legs than you actually have – hey, I’m already a most ardent fan – my legs are, well, ok, they can do with looking at least one inch thinner, okay!

Check out our review of the seamless Siwy jeans, just recently posted by Lena!

You can buy the Felicity Seamless jeans, as well as may other washes, choosing between mid-and hi rise, on the Siwy website.

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  1. I doubt that side seams add bulk but I like the look of no exterior side seam.

    SIWY is a good candidate for your back pocket study. On the SIWY site, I noticed that the pockets may be well placed on the midrise.

    The pictures on the SIWY site are blurry and the model poses with her hand in the back pocket for side pictures. When I see purposely blurry pictures and hands in pockets, I assume the jeans don’t look good on the model and I don’t order.

    Ashley Green has her butt completely covered in the picture above. In front, I see details that I don’t want to see around the knees. The fabric may not be quite right. Rolls like that in the back would not be attractive.

    Years ago Lululemon made a supremely comfortable, no compression, breathable, opaque, matte, very durable legging that never lost its shape and smoothed and lifted a little bit, even when drenched with sweat. I wish they still made those leggings (but without the logo) and I wish someone would make jeans out of that fabric!

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