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Aviator – The Best Travel Jeans in the World Review

Aviator – The Best Travel Jeans in the World Review

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Have Aviator Jeans Will Travel…

The denim industry is a rapidly evolving environment and competition has never been fiercer. In years past, it was admirable for a company to manufacture jeans to meet expectations of their customers and fulfill the desires of their investors… standard business operations. What about setting customer expectations and creating financial backing simultaneously? Thanks to social funding, that’s exactly what Aviator is doing with The Best Travel Jeans in the World.

Aviator‘s founder and designer, Colby Kane, makes a bold declaration that Aviator’s latest pair of jeans are “The Best Travel Jeans in the World.” Personally, I see a sense of high fashion intelligence behind his statement. After all, I’ve never heard of or seen a pair of travel jeans until now. A simple Google search does not turn up much either. From what I’ve gathered, Colby is simply stating that his jeans are best in class… a class of one. This soon will change as other brands follow suit. No matter what, Aviator‘s The Best Travel Jeans in the World set the bar very high for this new category of jeans.

Before we dive under the hood of Aviator‘s newest jeans, we first need to do a thorough analysis of the visual aesthetics. When I first tried these jeans on, I immediately thought of the many Aston Martins from the James Bond movies. The jeans, much like the cars, are clean and classic with elegant lines but only the wearer truly knows of the performance and security features within! My model is a 32 slim fit with a 33 inch hemmed inseam; a 10 1/4” front rise gives way to a 14 3/8” back rise. My jeans came in a dark indigo single rinse wash with traditional gold stitch. Quintessential to the classic jean is the five pocket and five belt loop design. Of course, everything is double stitched and reinforced in all the high wear areas. Overall, these jeans aren’t going to make you stick out from across the room… but that’s the point! The Best Travel Jeans in the World are designed for the wearer not so much the observer.

Never before have I experienced so much function within a pair of five pocket jeans! If you’ve read my previous reviews, you know I’m an “on the go” type person and functionality is a key ingredient in any pair of jeans I’m drawn to. I must say I’m falling in love with performance stretch denim. The travel jean would not exist without the comfort, durability, and pliability of such denim although I don’t really have any evidence to back my statement up. From improved range of motion to more accessible pockets; performance stretch denim brings so much versatility to these jeans. I’m very impressed with two sneaky features Aviator tucked into these jeans… literally.  The hidden zippered pocket within the back right pocket will be heavily utilized during my travels. The zipper is completely hidden from sight and the opening is very accommodating. I’m already quite comfortable with the actions of opening and closing the hidden zippered pocket stealth fully. After all, what’s the use of a secret pocket if you are announcing it to the world as you finagling with it? The second feature is the hulk sized coin pocket. I’m a heavy user of my coin pockets, so the idea of one that fits your smartphone was appealing to me!  Be careful not to lose anything in the depths of the coin pocket! Oh yeah… if one hidden zipper pocket isn’t enough, the front left pocket has one too! Designed with the international traveler in mind, this secret pocket fits your passport and other important documents you want to keep hidden in front of you instead of behind. The final addition that rounds out the features on my Aviators is the handy utility loop. Whenever I’m traveling, I have my headphones on standby. The utility loop is the ultimate way to store your headphones! Security, comfort and features… all three are checked of the list with The Best Travel Jeans in the World.

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Now, this is the part of my review where I usually discuss the results of my field test. Although I have put my Aviators through some of my standard procedures and they did pass with flying colors, I don’t truly feel as if the test will be complete until I hop on a plane next month bound for San Francisco.  Initial results from a night out on the town show that the security features are fully operational and maintain similar efficiency levels to that of accessing pockets on standard jeans. Based on the results from my road warrior test, I’ve concluded that my Aviators are indeed quite comfortable especially when I put on cruise control and throw my left leg up on the drive side dash. Stay tuned as I will update my review in June after I’ve completed the TSA test and really push the limits of The Best Travel Jeans in the World by actually traveling long distances in them.

Ultimately, Aviator‘s “The Best Travel Jeans in the World” combine style, function, security and comfort like no other jeans I’ve worn before. So, head on over to Aviator’s website and pre-order your jeans so you, too, can start traveling in them in June! They currently carry Men’s Slim and Straight fit as well as Women’s Boyfriend with more styles on the way!

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UPDATE (7/1/16): I did it!!! I traveled from point A to point B and back and had a wonderful time doing it! (Point A being the current city I reside in Portland and point B being San Francisco.) I traveled both to and from The Bay in my Aviators and boy I am pleased with the performance of these jeans.  Let me just say this:  Being in these jeans was super comfortable… Being in an airplane seat was not.  The music player in my coin pocket was easily accessible… the overhead bin from my window seat was not.  The security features of the zipper pockets proved to be quite convenient… getting through TSA was not.  Since I have now officially traveled in these jeans, I have concluded that they are indeed the best pair of jeans I have ever traveled in!



  1. Thanks heaps for this right up, just like googling “Travelling jeans” turns up very little, there doesn’t seem to be many right ups on these! In fact this is the only one I could find and has made up my mind to get these for an up coming trip to Europe and hopefully all future travels! (Maybe everyone who has these is keeping it a secret? Maybe for the secret pockets!)

    Thanks again. Awesome right up.

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