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This coming month will be the first time of’s brand new Vietnam tradeshow. A super interesting mix of seminars, exhibitions and visitors. See below the 3D layout of the exhibition halls, where the event will be happening.

We are very excited about this new venue, one more place where denim is happening, and are very curious about the results of this tradeshow.

If you haven’t registered yet, you can do this now here.

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Exhibitor List

Company Country Products
Amber Denim Bangladesh Denim Fabrics
Artistic Milliners Pakistan Denim Fabrics + Jeans
Artistic Denim Mills Pakistan Denim Fabrics + Jeans
Artistic fabric Mills Pakistan Denim Fabrics + Jeans
Anubha Industries Private Limited India Denim Fabrics
Aaron Denim Bangladesh Denim Fabrics
Bhaskar Denim India Denim Fabrics
Brongo Italy Washing machines
Demco Vina Vietnam Apparel
Denimes Turkey Denim and Non-Denim
Garmon Italy Finishing chemicals
Indigo Pakistan Denim Fabrics
KG Denim Ltd. India Denim + Non-Denim
Kassim Pakistan Denim Fabrics
Kilim Turkey Denim Fabrics
Le & Le Vietnam Garment
Mactec Italy Dry processing machines
Mafatlal Denim India Denim Fabrics
Malwa Industries Ltd India Denim Fabrics
Nahar/Oswal India Denim + Non Denim
Naveena Exports Ltd. Pakistan Denim Fabrics
Naveena Denim Ltd. (NDL) Pakistan Denim Fabrics
Prosperity China Denim Fabrics
PT. Grandtex Textile Indonesia Denim Fabrics
Rajby Pakistan Denim Fabrics + Jeans
Ribbontex Italy Labels, Ribbons , Accessories
Square Denims Ltd Bangladesh Denim Fabrics
Shasha Bangladesh Denim Fabrics
Soorty Pakistan Denim Fabric and Garments
Siddiqsons Pakistan Denim Fabrics
Soko Chemica Italy Chemicals
Triveneta Italy Dryers
TCE Vietnam Denim Fabric
Tuong Long Textiles Mills Vietnam Denim Fabric
Vienthong Vietnam Denim Fabrics and Garments
Vicunha Brazil Denim and Non Denim
Vita textile Hong Kong Denim fabrics


  1. No, we don’t – that’s why we have to content us to post press releases about these. We can’t have personal insights to stuff we don’t actually see.
    We, @Denimology, strive to post about every aspect of denim, so the tradeshows, as well as denim manufacturers, are a very important part of our site. We do not aim to be just another celeb posting blog, but informative about all things concerning denim.

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