Erica Stolman in RE/DONE

I’ve had my eyes on RE/DONE for awhile now. As we all know, vintage denim is highly regarded by the obsessed denim fan, and we all pretty much fit that description here at Denimology. Levi’s is probably the most iconic brand in this realm, and one of the most coveted ways of gaining a pair of vintage Levi’s jeans is through RE/DONE, a relatively new brand in the industry. They do an incredible job of taking old pairs of Levi’s at the seams, and reworking them into a modernized fit and design. Here is Fashionlush blogger Erica Stolman in RE/DONE, wearing a pair we actually saw Alessandra Ambrosio (another big RE/DONE fan) in earlier this year! This is the Elsa, a unique jean with a high rise, raw hem and a split inner cuff that creates a flare appeal. The Elsa is actually made of vintage Levi’s 505s and 501s! It comes in a variety of washes, and I think I’d have to say it’s my favorite cut out of them all.

Shop the RE/DONE Elsa here. You can also buy from the brand at Barney’s here.

See Erica’s blog post featuring this look for more information on her outfit here!