Faissal Yartaa in PRPS

I think I can conclude that PRPS is to men as peanut butter is to jelly…everything they made is just so freaking stylish, and it definitely seems they cannot do any wrong. Any one of their collections has anything from classy to extreme…whatever any dude looking for some style could ever need. In addition, you know that the fact founder Donwan Harrell was the first American designer to bring Japanese denim to the United States in 2002, single handedly sparking the market here, is all that really needs to be said. Here is blogger Faissal Yartaa in PRPS, rocking the Demon Slim Straight Leg in Tapir, as well as the Kaede Jacket. Head to toe in PRPS looks quite spiffy, no? The Tapir wash has a lightly distressed finish and an inky blue paint splatter throughout which are unique to every single pair. The Kaede Jacket brings back varsity dreams and memories complete with a warm, wool makeup finished with patches and a standup collar.

Faissal Yartaa in PRPS - Front View

Shop the PRPS Demon Slim Straight Leg in Tapir and Nordstrom here, or the Barracuda straight leg version here!

The Kaede jacket is just about sold out, but you can grab a large at Saks Fifth Avenue here.

See Faissal’s blog post featuring his look here!


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