Heather of The Fab 3 in BLANKNYC

There are so many ripped skinny jeans out there…where to begin if you are in the market for a pair? There are several things to consider: your preferred pattern of rips and distressing, where the rips are placed around the knees (because some have the propensity to rip further when you squat down to pick something up), the general fit, and of course, that pesky price. One of my favorites right now is shown right here! This is Heather of The Fab 3 in BLANKNYC, wearing the Skinny Classique in Good Vibes. I love just about all of the fun, edgy jeans from this brand, but I haven’t seen any stick around as long as this one has. It’s been wildly popular, gracing the Instagram posts of the biggest bloggers for months and months now, and stores everywhere have restocked it over and over as it continues to flies of the racks! If you like the wide open knees, these are great, because they stay as they are without blowing out further, and the blue is such a pretty light wash. The fabric is pretty darn soft, too! BLANKNYC does an amazing job at making premium-like jeans for not so premium prices, too. With a 98% cotton and 2% elastane fabric blend, they have just the right amount of stretch to fit over your curves with a durability that will keep you wearing them year after year after year. I treated myself to a pair, and they are as fabulous as all the stylish bloggers make them look, I promise!

Shop the BLANKNYC Skinny Classique in Good Vibes, here!

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