Jeanologia @Denimsandjeans in Vietnam

Internationally acclaimed technology company, Jeanologia, a global leader known for manufacturing sustainable fabrics, efficient finishing technologies, coding, packaging, and other industrial applications, will be presenting a seminar titled “VIETNAM HORIZON 2020- A TECHNOLOGICAL VIEW” at the first ever denim show in Vietnam by Denimsandjeans.

The focus of the presentation is to analyze the past and current situation of Vietnam as a denim manufacturing and exporting country and how technology is transforming the denim industry and is bringing Vietnam up as a key player in the supply chain.  The seminar will also focus on technology and sustainable solutions in the context of the Vietnamese Apparel Industry.

The exhibition by is not just a trade show but also an event where industry professionals can visit, have fruitful interactions and increase and share their working knowledge. Seminars and presentations by international experts has always been a part of the Denimsandjeans shows since the beginning.

The denim show Vietnam will feature 37 international exhibitors from around the globe including some local companies. The event is by invitation only, so to attend the seminar as well as the exhibition, please register here.

You can check out the exhibitor list here.