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Jeans Back Pockets – Parker Smith

Jeans Back Pockets – Parker Smith
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Jeans Back Pockets – Parker Smith

Recently I have started to develop a special interest in finding out more about different back pockets on jeans.

It all started, when I had put on a pair of high waist skinnies, and hubby, who never ever criticizes my choice of jeans, actually told me to go and change. I was totally baffled and stunned. He had never ever, in all my denim years, been so direct and precise about any kind of jean I had ever worn – hey, not even in my worst drop crotch carrot fit jeans phase! Oh boy, did I ever run to the mirror, took some “rear” selfies, and twisted and turned to see what he was talking about.

An he was totally on the dot right. The back pockets of the jeans were way too small, and way to high on the butt for the high-rise style. Period. That was it.

Result: I have contacted quite a few brands and will do a series of back pocket posts, so you ladies will never have to suffer any kin of “butt disaster”! Learn from your denim guru!

Today, let’s check out what Parker Smith has to tell us. Remember, this is the brand that People StyleWatch had declared the best skinny jean of 2015 – you can refresh your memory here.

We spoke with their incredible designer, Selina Tahmasian, about the Parker Smith pockets and this was her feedback:

“The ladies of Parker Smith are all about a curve hugging fit and their design team is meticulous about pocket placement. The shape of the Parker Smith back pockets remains the same whether its a skinny, flare, ultra high rise, or mid rise, but the positioning of a back pocket is crucial because if it’s done right, it can transform your booty for the better and if its done poorly, it can be incredibly unflattering making it look wide or flat. The combination of Parker Smith’s strategic pocket placement and their back hooks makes their jeans flattering on all types of booty’s.”

You need to try them yourselves – just to see what they’re talking about. You can buy the Parker Smith jeans on their website.

Please let us know your feedback after you tried them on. It is very important to us what you think, so we can fix, re-edit, add, or delete, our posts, and help other denim desperate ladies to choose the right back pockets!

You can also let us know if there is any special brand you would like us to contact about this.

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Jeans Back Pockets – Parker Smith


  1. Looking forward to your series on back pockets!
    I always look at the pockets online before I bother to try a pair of jeans. I LOVE it when web sites show perfectly clear pictures from all angles, and I especially love it if every style is shown on the same girl for best comparison.
    I will not buy Parker Smith because of their back pockets. I’m sure the model does not have a floppy butt, but that’s how it looks in Parker Smith.
    Women’s jeans in general tend to have pockets too high, too small and too far apart. Men’s jeans never do that. Women’s jean pockets should look like men’s or like DL pockets, which are quite good in their Riley and Emma styles. I don’t wear the Emmas because the fit is not quite right (flattens butt from the top / loose in upper thigh) but I love the Riley’s.
    I’m curious about…
    MOTHER looker, insider, and dropout styles
    Gstar (especially 5620 G-Star Elwood Ultra High Waist Super Skinny Jeans, reflow suit, 3301 Low Waist Skinny Jeans, Chopper Boyfriend and Arc Boiler Suit)
    REPLAY Luz hyperflex skinny in white, hyperflex skinny and other skinny and boyfriend, hyperskin, jeggings, hyperfree joggers, hyperfree boyfit.
    If you are taking the pictures, please use the same model each time and show a white or light wash so we can see the effect of the pockets, cut and denim. 🙂

  2. Thanks for your super cool feedback:-)
    Unfortunately, it is not possible to show the jeans always on the same models, as the brands provide us with all the images. But we will definitely approach some of the brands you have mentioned. Stay tuned:-)

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