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Felicity – Mid Rise Seamless Skinny Jeans

Siwy’s been popular with almost every denim fashionista for ages, and – just recently – Jimmy Taverniti, one of the big denim icons of today, has been brought in to design and develop all denim for the brand. Remember, Taverniti So Jeans and D-ID, among many others. So we asked Jimmy to tell us about his vision for the Siwy back pockets, and here is what he says:

“The back pockets, as a result of their shape and positioning, are an essential part of the fit of any jeans. Large pockets emphasize rounder buttocks. While on the other hand, smaller pockets give a greater sense of volume and therefore are more flattering to smaller buttocks. The design goal for good back pockets then consists of finding the right size to flatter all types of buttocks. Therefore, The Jimmy has slightly larger pockets, reminiscent of early jeans.

The placement of the back pockets is also a critical factor. If the pockets are too far apart, they make the buttocks look wider and flatter. Therefore, the back pockets need to be correctly centered to properly enhance the buttocks.

And lastly, the back pockets need to be sufficiently high so as to give the illusion of longer legs.”

If you look at the images here you can see several different styles and how the back pockets look on the skinnies, high waisted and boyfriend jeans. You can click on the name underneath each image if you love and want to buy.

All Siwy jeans are available on their website, at Revolve, and Shopbop.

And stay tuned for more back pocket posts coming soon.

Cropped Straight Leg
Jane B – Cropped Straight Leg
 high waist slim jeans
Jackie high waist slim
boyfriend jeans
Anna Lou baggy boyfriend


  1. These pockets would look better larger, lower and closer together. Pockets should not be placed higher on high rise jeans.

    High back pockets do not give the illusion of longer legs, they give the illusion of a saggy butt and exaggerate the under curve of the butt.

    SIWY mid rise looks like it may look OK on some very fit and slim people. The SIWY high rise looks dumpy even on the model, who I’m sure was selected because she is not dumpy at all.

  2. just wondering – you seem to know so much about denim, are you a denim designer?
    Also, please try to be more positive with your comments, as all brands really work hard to get the pockets right. Not all pockets work for all bodies, but that does not mean that the pockets are “in the wrong place”, or “too high up”…..

  3. Frustrated shopper. Here’s my point. I dont think most skinnies look acceptable from the back on even perfect bodies. That’s why your husband told you to change. Here is a link to a really nice pair of jeans on a perfect body and the pockets are pretty good, but you can see on the profile shot that a crease forms under the butt, below where the pocket ends, causing the butt to look droopy. The pocket placed and shaped i a more classic fashion could have camouflaged this issue, which is probably caused by the fact that we are trying to make denim into leggings. I’m sure this model looks flawless from the side in her yoga leggings. The skinnies are making flaws. Women are being told that they will look slimmer in skinnies and some fabrics are even being used to make denim into girdles but the result is not as described. That’s why we see models posing with hands in back pockets, in odd positions and blurry pictures on many web sites. Feel free to take my posts down. I just wanted to give you some input because a lot of people are looking to you for help through the costly, time consuming and often embarrassing maze of denim.

  4. We love and encourage comments from our readers and don’t ever take posts down, unless the content is inappropriate. Please feel free to add your comments always, our readers love to read about other people’s experiences and feedbacks.

  5. PS – as you can clearly see, the SIWY models do not have their hands in the back pockets and neither are the images blurry πŸ™‚

  6. Back pockets cannot be seen in isolation, it is a balance between the back rise, depth and shaping of the yoke, the combination of which to achieve a feminine shape need to complement the curves of the body.
    The angle of the pockets and back yoke all have a part to play, if the eye is taken in a diagonal across the form the result is an impression of more shape. For example the curved yokes and diagonal darts around the pockets of the classic Salsa jean create a sensual desirable shape, thats why styles in large retailers influenced by Salsa are currently their best sellers.
    Volume talks !!

    • Nothing can ever be seen totally by itself without a content. This is just a guideline to help you determine which kind of pockets IN GENERAL would be ideal for your body shape. Of course, everything always depends on all other factors you have mentioned.

  7. Those pockets do look rather far apart in the photographs shown above. As a consumer I would be afraid that they would look even worse on me.

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