Miguel in PRPS Rip & Repair White Denim

Just about all premium brands carry some pretty darn great men’s collections, but I haven’t seen quite the same variety and attention to detail that I’ve seen with PRPS. These guys know quality, selvedge denim and what looks incredible on a stylish dude, including heavily distressed styles that’s normally seen as a women’s thing! Here is singer Miguel in PRPS rip and repair white denim. This finishing and wash, called Candy Ice, comes in two of the PRPS fits: Demon, a slim fit; and Barracuda, a straight leg. Both look flattering on different body shapes, and give the same clean yet edgy appeal. The Los Angeles singer wears his with an almost-all white look, rounding it off with a light blue wash denim jacket to add enough contrast to not appear too monotone. I personally prefer wearing white with black or a similarly dark shade, but it all depends on how you do it, and the rip and repair detailing adds an awesome pop to keep it from looking too flat!

Shop the PRPS Demon in Candy Ice here, and the Barracuda here.


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