Shalice Noel in STRÖM Brand - Sitting Down

No matter what the trends say, skinny jeans will never go out of style…and even if they did in the grand scheme of things, I’d still say a good clean skinny pair is an important part of every gal’s closet. We can go as baggy, as destructed, or as flared as we want, but at the end of the day when it’s time to go out on the town or enjoy a nice dinner, that pair of skinnies will always have their value. I would especially say that about a pair of jet black ones! Here is blogger Shalice Noel in STRÖM Brand, showing off the Poppy in Jet Black. Of all the black skinny jeans out on the market, these are one of the best, as STRÖM Brand is a leader in top quality cotton fabrics including selvedge denim. These also have a little extra character: an oversized cuff makes for a 35″ inseam which always looks cute scrunched up over a pair of tall heels, or rolled up. These also feature a light coating for a little touch of glam! Shalice plays the black on black look up beautifully, varying her textures with a long sleeve lace jacket and shiny vintage Chanel backpack. The nude heels keep it classy so as not to distract from all the beautiful details of her outfit!

Shalice Noel in STRÖM Brand

Shop the STRÖM Brand Poppy in Jet Black here.

See Shalice’s blog post for more images and information on her look here!


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