Soorty Herbal Blue

For Soorty, being environmental conscious, is of major importance. Therefore, they are always researching for new ways to develop more environmentally and socially responsible products.

Soorty is launching their latest product, Herbal blue, at Denim Premier Vision Barcelona A/W 2017/18, happening on May 18th and 19th, 2016.  The idea is to prevent environmental harm with a positive impact on the people and communities.


Indigo is one of the primitive dyes known to mankind. In early ages Indigo was extracted from the plant “Indigofera Tinctoria”. With the industrial revolution the demand for the dye increased dramatically. To cope with the ever growing demand, indigo has been processed synthetically. Hence, extraction of indigo from plants became expensive and rare. Synthetic manufacturing of indigo made it abundant and cheaper.

Today, several tons of indigo are produced  synthetically. In recent years, the synthetic process used to produce indigo has come under scrutiny because of the hazardous chemical involved. Soorty is one step ahead in saving the earth for a better future. They have revived the indigo dyes based on natural resources.

Soorty’s collection focuses on sustainable and Eco-friendly denim, as well as fabric characteristics like strength, stretch, recovery, growth, compression, and body shaping.

You can learn all about this at the Denim PV Barcelona, where Soorty will be showing their garments made of natural indigo.


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