STRÖM Brand at Sunroom Austin

The classic denim jacket probably plays just the same amount of importance in the fabric’s long history as the pair of jeans itself. No matter how trends come and go, this one always stays around, having been rehashed, modernized, reinterpreted, remade, rebuilt and remodeled over and over again by denim brands throughout the years. I enjoy seeing something that is considered so simple and basic made in so many different ways. As an example, here is STRÖM Brand at Sunroom Austin, a women’s clothing and accessory boutique that “combines a west coast inspired aesthetic with an urban sensibility.” The model shown here is wearing the Hug Falcon denim jacket, which has a classic fit and European comfort stretch, along with plenty of character with hand-distressing, paint splatters and some unique detailing along the button panel. I love how the pockets are set a bit lower than usual, leaving the top bare, which almost gives it all more of a moto or military-inspired look. It is definitely a cool edgy touch to the otherwise feminine and light outfit it’s paired with.

If you’re totally digging this jacket and are nowhere near Austin, don’t fret…you can grab the STRÖM Brand Hug Falcon directly from the brand here!

Visit Sunroom’s website here.


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