Over 100 years after jeans were created a designer has finally invented a jean hanger that works.

Designer, Steven Sal Debus, became frustrated that he couldn’t hang or dry his jeans in his closet. “While most designers now are creating apps to solve our life problems, we still haven’t even solved the simple problems of how to hang a pair of jeans.” So he decided he would invent a solution, and that night he dreamt about a design.

Sal Debus sketched out his design and then enrolled in a local makerspace and began to prototype it. “Six months later and I’m talking to the President of Levi’s”

His patent-pending jean hanger design is quick and easy to use, never creates wrinkles or creases, and also gives you the perfect way to dry your jeans. You can support this simple, yet life-changing, product to be manufactured by checking out the Kickstarter page here, http://kck.st/1SWGnau, and be saved from the daily struggles of caring for your favourite jeans!

With over 1 billion pairs of jeans sold every year, this is a product that needs to be in everyone’s closet.
Jean Hanger Kickstarter
The simple hanger hooks into the belt loops of typical jeans easily and holds the jeans flat so that they don’t wrinkle while they hang in your closet. Knowing that putting your jeans in a dryer is a bad idea, major shrinkage and shortened lifespan, the hanger also doubles as an air drying apparatus. “Not only will your jeans last longer but you’ll save money and energy by not using your clothes dryer. This is just smart design that needed to happen.”

An award-winning designer and entrepreneur, Steven Sal Debus is known for explosive product ideas. Sal Debus believes that nothing needs to be created unless it solves a problem. His objective is always to break down the functional aspects to serve a core purpose and subtract any unnecessary elements.

He hopes to use the proceeds from a successful crowdfunding campaign to launch a design company dedicated to building smarter products that save time and conserve energy; the next dream design…a pair of pants that uses friction to charge your cellphone!

The Jean Hanger is made out of solid beech wood with no moving parts and has a lifetime guarantee. Backers will be able to pledge $25 for a set of 3 Jean Hangers, with higher reward levels available, and a special early bird option for a limited number of lucky backers.