Apneet Kaur in BLANKNYC Flares

Flares, flares, and more flares! They are everywhere now, once again, and I am loving it. Just like jeans in general, no flare is alike, and every brand has their own unique way of making this popular style from the ’70s their very own. I definitely don’t put such a task past BLANKNYC, which is one of my favorite brands due to the fact that they have a way of just making everything so edgy in a fun and somehow classy way. Here is blogger Apneet Kaur in BLANKNYC flares, wearing the Pull On Belle in Twat (yeah, their wash names crack me up…every single one is based off something from pop culture). The Pull On Belle is something special…designed to slide on like a pair of sweatpants, with comfort stretch and an elastic waistband. It has a 34.5″ inseam, so it isn’t too long in the grand scheme of things, and features a nice clean dark blue rinse-like wash for those who aren’t really into the whiskering and other wash detailing. It fits like a skinny jean until just below the knee, radiating out into a beautiful flare fit. Apneet shows just how leg lengthening this cut is! And, it’s just slim enough that you can wear something loose and flowy up top without looking frumpy.

Shop the BLANKNYC Pull On Belle in Twat here.

Visit Apneet’s blog here!


  1. That is a bit much when it comes to wash names.

    I am not that conservative but I just lost some respect for the brand.

  2. The wash name is extremely tacky.

    Sounds like what someone who runs a prostitution ring would come up with.

    Doubt I will ever purchase their products again and I am surprised you would publish a review of something with that wash name.

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