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We asked Ron Poisson, Designer and Creative Director at Cult of Individuality about his view on men’s jeans back pockets.

Yeah, it’s not only us ladies that are concerned about our butt, but the guys worry about this at least as much as we do!  We decided to ask a few experts on men’s denim to get some more information about the placement of back pockets. Today, you can read here what Ron Poisson tells us:

What is your “inspiration” for the pocket design for CULT?

Cult of Individuality jeans are primarily constructed from Japanese selvage denim. the back pocket signature is inspired by the historical icon of the Japanese rising sun.

What are the aesthetics and attributes of pocket designs that make them unique to CULT?

It is very important for a denim brand to have a look that becomes the long-term identifying feature of the brand. That look must make every jean highly recognizable to a broad range of customers. There are too many overproduced premium denim brands in the market that have decided to go with the minimalist approach concerning the back pocket design. Having plain back pockets, without any design, is very uninspiring, not to mention very boring. The average person cannot tell the difference between some of the high-end denim brands and cheap, not premium denim brands, without any defining features. This is why, for CULT, we choose a unique and instantly recognizable pocket design.

As the creative director, I chose to go with a blind seam approach for our signature on the back pocket, as it creates a definitive branding identity. At the same time, our focus is on fit, fabric, and washes rather than the back ornamentation on the jeans. This shows our point of differentiation in the market, while, at the same time, maintaining a powerful identity. By adding our signature selvage detail on the right corner back pocket we made for an easily recognizable identification, which of course, is always done in a tasteful manner.

Are there any rules that are prohibited in pocket design for the CULT brand?

We have standardized rules to follow in terms of pocket placement. In denim, you do not want to have the placement of the back pockets spaced too far apart from the center seam of the jean. Depending on men’s or women’s, the shape, size, and angle placement of the pocket are the deciding factors for each denim style. CULT places heavy emphasis on how the jeans fir and look on a person when deciding about the pocket placement.

How important is the functionality of the pockets when designing them?

Functionality does play a key role with the coin pocket, when you add details like zippers, etc. and perhaps waterproof taping. For the back pocket, we make a statement while also ensuring that your standard wallet, phone, pack of
cigarettes, or even a flask, fits snugly in.

Love what Cult of Individuality does with the back pockets? 😉
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