Chrome Industries, the San Francisco-based company that designs and manufactures useful and durable gear for urban mobility, today unveils the Wyatt Collection, one of the brand’s most innovative collections in its 20-year history.  The Wyatt Collection consists of a Chore Coat, 5-pocket Jeans and a Work Shirt, all of which utilize Dyneema – the strongest and most durable fiber found in the world.

Chrome Wyatt w/ Dyneema


The lightweight Dyneema fiber has properties superior to anything previously used in Chrome products. Weight-to-weight, it is fifteen times stronger than steel and 40 percent stronger than aramid, yet it can float on water. When combined with denim, it boosts a number of denim’s qualities, like durability, toughness, protection and cut resistance, all without reducing comfort.  Further, when including eight percent Dyneema in the all-new Wyatt Collection, it increased the abrasion resistance by 100 percent, denim by 250-600 percent, tear resistance by 50-100 percent, and tensile strength by 25-100 percent.

“Since the beginning, Chrome has always had a commitment to using the absolute best materials found on the planet to ensure our gear stands up to the test of time,” said Chris Silverman, President of Chrome Industries. “We have not and never will sacrifice the quality of our products, and by utilizing Dyneema, it allows us to make apparel more durable than ever before.  We’re extremely excited about the Wyatt Collection, both because of its quality, but also because it’s all made here in the USA.”

In addition to the incredible features of Dyneema, the entire Wyatt Collection is Made-in-the-USA.  The fabric used was woven at the White Oak plant of Cone Mills, the world’s most legendary denim factory, before being shipped to San Francisco, where it was cut and sewn at the oldest operating workwear factory in the city.  From the fabric to the threads and the trims, everything used in the collection is 100% American-made.

With Dyneema, Chrome Industries becomes one of a select few companies able to use the fiber in performance denim, given the exclusive nature of Dyneema’s partners.  The entire collection will be released in May, and will be available exclusively through Chrome retail HUBs and its website,  The 5-pocket jeans go on sale May 20 at a retail price of $150, followed by the Work Shirt on May 25 at $150, and the Chore Coat on May 30 at $180.

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About Chrome Industries

Chrome Industries is a privately held maker of indestructible gear for living  in the city.  For over 20 years, the San Francisco-based company has designed and manufactured American-made gear from company owned and operated factories.  With a passion for its community, Chrome retail HUBS engage community makers through local events, while also offering consumers a chance to build a custom bag at a Chrome Custom Sewing Station, discover new music, watch videos and exclusive screenings.  For more information on Chrome, its products and the Chrome lifestyle, visit


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