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Here are more interesting facts about the CORDURA® brand’s innovative new denim fabrics.

Denim Innovation: Keeping Up with the Modern Crossover Lifestyle

From a day at the office to a quick workout to dinner and then a night on the town, today’s consumers live a lifestyle accustomed to doing it all and staying on the move. This shift in lifestyle also leads to a shift in gear and apparel – a demand for products that can tag along for the ride, no matter where the day takes you.The need for these products is helping drive the innovation of go-to fabrics that are now becoming essential to making apparel, footwear, and accessories cross-functional.

One of the prime examples in the cross-functional sphere is the rise of stylish performance denims. A pair of pants is no longer just for work. It must also be comfortable and durable enough for the bike ride in and stylish enough for an evening out. From an authentic feel to versatile fabric technology benefits, we see the future of denim in 2017 manifested in the following trends.

The Future is Real

As we continue to see more ties to technology in our lives – from smart watches to fitness apps to intelligent homes and more –many are seeking an escape from all the noise. This leads to a desire to get back to basics. This season of denim embraces that desire with a spirit of simplicity – classic denims geared towards spirited off-the-grid adventures.

The key to this category of seasonal denim offerings is the experience. How can your new pair of jeans help take you farther, last longer and help keep you more comfortable? In today’s retail landscape, consumers are looking for more than just a pair of jeans – but a constant, reliable companion for their daily adventures.

Luxury in Lifestyle

Consumers are also seeking value in their purchases. Quality is key – from purchase experience to the garment itself. Lifestyle garments are becoming the new luxury and today’s denims are honed to integrate the “best of both worlds” –softness with strength, fashion and function, durability with definition.

By incorporating these qualities, consumers no longer have to make a choice between comfort, durability or style. New denim fabrics are pushing the envelope on unique, new and innovative garments.


“Di-Versitility” – or a combination of diversity and versatility – is also key in this consumer landscape. Today’s world allows us to be who we want and live as we like. As such, we demand the same versatility from our clothes and fabrics. We do not want to miss a beat and we expect our apparel and fabric choices to keep up too.

Today’s denim fabrics are incorporating hidden science capabilities – such as moisture-wicking, temperature regulation, and quick-dry, to help create a long-lasting garment that is versatile enough for a variety of uses.

The diverse capabilities of these fabric benefits allow designers to create unique solutions pertaining to key consumer end uses – for example, the urban commuter, the motorcyclist,the climber, or the young professional.

The Bigger Picture

Long gone are the days of only heavy-duty denim. Instead, we see more choices evolving with a shift towards products with combined attributes to take you through your day to day activities – workwear to motorcycle apparel, commuting and skateboarding, and everyday adventure living. Designers and manufacturers are creatively harnessing technical fabrics to help fulfill these needs and bring the latest innovative products to the market.As the latest performance denims – such as the new CORDURA® brand “Authentic Alchemie” Collection –are introduced, manufacturers and designers have more choices than ever to create cross-functional, wearable solutions.

From hidden fabric benefits to simple designs and cross-functional capabilities, new denims are designed to make your go to pair of denim jeans, shorts, jackets or skirts comfortable and long-lasting (because we all know denim will never go out of style). The future for denim is about keeping it real, taking time to experience the good things in life and maximizing the durable, versatile, and technological performance that can be engineered into this utilitarian textile. We continue to explore the past to reinvent the future.

Cindy McNaull is the Global Brand and Marketing Director for INVISTA’s CORDURA brand, a registered trademark for durable fabrics. With more than 25 years of experience in the specialty chemical, textile and non-woven industries, she has served in both sales and marketing management positions and acquired multiple technical patents.

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