cordura biker jeans
CORDURA® Denim Infinity Collection. Photo credit to Pierce of Burds, shot by Stephanie Sian Smith for Denim Dudettes

The future for denim is about keeping it real and maximizing the durable, versatile, and technological performance benefits that make your jeans long-lasting and comfortable (because we all know denim will never go out of style). CORDURA® brand and Denim Dudes author Amy Leverton have collaborated to bring fresh insights to tomorrow’s durable denims with key 2017 trends, and a fresh new collection designed to bring them to life.

“Consumers look for authenticity in people, in brands and in turn in the fabrics they want to wear,” says Amy Leverton. “The trick to future success in the textile industry is for manufacturers and mills to stick to what they do best. CORDURA® brand has done just that with the “Authentic Alchemie” Collection – focusing on durability as the core of its fabrics, but extending beyond to versatile, cross-functional denim innovations.”

The “Authentic Alchemie” Collection combines the elemental durability of CORDURA® fiber with mystical transformation and creation, and effortlessly unites genuine tradition with the fabric science of tomorrow. This collection features technical denims conjured from carefully crafted blends of natural and manmade fibers to deliver stylish, versatile, high-performance and functional materials.

“Today’s consumer is searching beyond just traditional heavy denims for ones that can sit comfortably with them throughout the day – wherever it may take them”, said Cindy McNaull, global CORDURA® brand and marketing director. “The ‘Authentic Alchemie’ Collection is designed to push the boundaries of durability with stylish, modern and comfortable fabric combinations that are suitable for any product, market or lifestyle.”

The new denim collection takes inspiration from the following macro-trends: click on each image for further details

Image 1: Our lives are chaotic, with constant ties to technology that leave us feeling always “on”. This season is about getting back to basics, embracing simplicity, spirited off-the-grid adventures – and fabrics that can keep up.

Image 2: Lifestyle is high-style – today’s consumer expects products that are tailored to individual needs. This means combining strong with soft, form with functionality and durability with definition.

Image 3: In a time when freedom and diversity allow us to be who we want and live as we like, we demand the same versatility from our fabrics. Transition seamlessly from a commute to a long working day to an exclusive event, in durable, comfortable style.


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