Denim CommunityOver the past three months, we have listened to our readers who have asked us to provide and facilitate a denim community. In large part, these requests have been made due to the ending of the denim community at DenimBlog. That denim community had 54,000+ members and over 1,700,000+ posts. A significant loss for all of us. However, today, we are excited to announce the launch of Denimology’s denim community.

Our denim community provides a way to connect with each other for those of use who bleed denim blue. It is a fantastic tool to swap denim ideas, get your denim questions answered, discover current denim trends, find denim deals, create meaningful relationships and also create a sense of community.

Starting a new denim community will be a challenge. With your help, we can all make this something special for all of us who are passionate about denim.

On Monday, look for a special announcement regarding six figure incentives provided by the denim brands to help all of us build this denim community together. HINT: Look for a 10th anniversary celebration post. 🙂

Click Here to Enter Denimology's Denim Community


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