Fidelity Denim Mila Hancock jeans

This is my first review since giving birth to our son, Dorian. While it didn’t take too long to fit into my pre-baby weight jeans, I have struggled with finding a pair that are stylish, comfortable but don’t stretch out in the knees and butt after wearing them a few times. Thank you Fidelity Denim for hearing my plea!

I received the Fidelity Denim Mila Hancock jeans almost 3 weeks ago and they are the only pair of jeans I have worn since then. For me, in order to properly review a pair of denim, I need to see how they hold up after multiple uses before washing. While they definitely have food smeared on them and plenty of custom markings from Dorian, they hide it well. Most importantly, there is enough stretch in these jeans that they don’t become loose-fitting around the knees over time.

They fit right below the belly button and don’t fit so tightly on the waist that you want to immediately change into yoga pants when you get home. If that doesn’t convince you of their comfort, I have to admit that I feel asleep in them. Sometimes when you put a 1-year-old down for the night, you never make it out of the room.

The color is dark enough that I was able to wear them to a job interview with a blouse, blazer and heels. Day-to-day wear with a tank and flip-flops is equally doable. I’m 5’4″ and I have to roll them when I wear flats, but the gathering at the bottom is cute in heels.

For me, the only thing I would change is the distressed detail at the knee. The very first time I put them on, my foot pushed through the fibers. L Eventually the fibers will rip completely and I will no longer be able to wear them for more “formal” events. That aside, these are my go-to jeans and I will definitely be purchasing more Fidelity Denim.

Fidelity Denim Mila Hancock jeans

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