Fidelity Denim Torino Oxy Navy jeans

I’m jumping right back in with another review, this time for Fidelity Denim. This review came at a perfect time as I was looking for a new pair of jeans to stand in for my favorite pair (Neuw Iggy jeans in case anyone was curious) that desperately needed to have some repair. My checklist was fairly simple – skinny fit, not restrictive and a darker wash – so I looked at Fidelity’s website and found the Fidelity Denim Torino Oxy Navy jeans.

At first glance, it seemed to check all the right boxes:

  • Described as the brand’s slimmest fit – check
  • Stretch fabric (that should cover the not restrictive requirement) – check
  • Oxy Navy wash looks like the perfect dark blue hue I was hoping for – check!

So waiting on the package I was excited to have a new pair to work into the fold (no pun intended) and maybe even challenge Neuw for the top spot in my closet.

Once I got the package and put on the Fidelity Denim Torino Oxy Navy jeans for the first time, it wasn’t reminiscent of the Neuw jeans I hoped for but the Joe’s Brixton fit jeans I tried a couple times before. I see more than a handful of similarities between the fit and fabric of these two brands and as a result, some of the complaints I had with the Joe’s Jeans carry over to the Fidelity Denim Torino Oxy Navy jeans.

Fidelity Denim Torino Oxy Navy jeans

Breaking it down; The fabric is super soft with a load of stretch which may seem to check off the “not restrictive” feel I wanted but just turned out to mean that it was a bit harder to get maintain a uniform fit as the day went on. It also meant that I found myself washing these jeans after only one or two wears. Waiting any longer, waist started to stretch out a bit too much, the knees bowed and what was a slimmer fit on the thighs vanished. I also found it a bit difficult when the jeans had too soft a hand (hand = feel of the fabric) and this translates to a lot of different brands. I never found that the fabric fell right around the crotch and butt and this was what I experienced with the Fidelity Denim jeans. I don’t think this was a case where even going down a size would have helped (went with a size 32 waist instead of a 31) because it was more the fit below the knee, combined with the longer standard length, that threw off the portions.

Although these jeans don’t necessary fit into my wheelhouse, I’m sure someone looking to make a move from normal straight leg jeans to a slimmer style will find these a welcome alternative. The fabric is very nice and has more of a sweat jean feel than raw denim. The Oxy Navy wash is darker and more of what I typically see now as the standard night jeans. In addition, there are some thought out and attractive features from the back pockets to the sturdy stitching around the pockets and seams. If you are a bigger guy looking for a more modern straight leg jean without jumping all the way to slim slim or skinny, the Fidelity Denim Torino Oxy Navy jeans should work. For anyone looking for a true slim silhouette, the Torino fit isn’t right for you.

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