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Jaden Smith in a Denim Cut Off Romper

Jaden Smith in a Denim Cut Off Romper

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Dismantling gender expectations with his nonconformist fashion choices has become a cause that actor and rising style star, Jaden Smith, has championed with total aplomb.

Jaden always comes up with a fresh way to move fluidly among the effeminate and the masculine. Hence, his newly minted pièce de résistance: the denim cutoff romper.

Over Memorial Day weekend, Jaden hooked into an acid-wash raw-edged pair, which he wore with an air of total self-confidence, posing for photos with his model friend, Hailey Baldwin. Going shirtless underneath, he flashed a nip slip, and showed off some glowing skin, undoubtedly acquired from his quick stop in Rio de Janeiro for the Louis Vuitton’s Resort show.

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