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Jared Leto in Acid Wash Gucci Jeans

Jared Leto in Acid Wash Gucci Jeans

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It’s a tough call deciding what to wear on the front row at Men’s Fashion Week! Jared Leto was pulling out all the sartorial stops when he attended the Gucci catwalk show in Milan, Italy.

Jared wore a pair of acid wash Gucci jeans from their Resort 2016/17 collection. His very¬† eye-catching and “kitschy” (really!) light blue satin bomber jacket, emblazoned with a green letter “J” on the front panel, and colorful embroidered birds of paradise on the back, also is from the Gucci S/S ’17 collection.

For his footwear, Jared chose a pair of shiny lace up boots, displaying a large silver buckle across the front of each shoe. And not to be outdone by his shoes, his bright stripey socks vied for attention once he sat down to enjoy the show, showing off their their bold black, red and white woolen bands. (see thumbnail below).

We already posted about this Gucci Resort 2016/17 collection, but seeing Jared all decked out like this, makes me wonder… Did he really have to go overboard thaaaat much? I am sure, that each of the items he wore – by themselves – would have been cool, but all this “mix” and screaming colors at once?!

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  1. Loud outfit. He looks ridiculous from hair to toe. I have to laugh that it’s Gucci. Looks like Zara.

    I googled acid wash because I was wondering about a very light gray acid wash skinny for myself. (female) After seeing this, I feel like getting a solid color instead.

    It’s interesting how easy it is to spot a fashion victim of the opposite sex, but how hard it is to recognize that in the mirror. Thanks for posting this.

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