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Jeans Back Pockets for Dudes – PRPS

Jeans Back Pockets for Dudes – PRPS

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All of you that know PRPS jeans, are, of course familiar with their unique “double folded” back pockets on their jeans. We asked Donwan Harrell, owner and creator of PRPS to explain to us, how and why he came to create this distinctive back pocket detail:

“Historically speaking, the folded back pocket was just a concept to separate myself from the flock of embroidered back pockets that were in the market in 2002. A point of difference. The uniqueness of ours is the shadow effect of the fold, depending on the denim used and amount of pressure you apply to the fold when sanding brings out the best of its beauty.”

It’s such a small detail, if you want to look at it this way, but it makes all the difference in the (denim) world! I love wearing my PRPS men’s jeans, and it is amazing how many people recognize them just by looking at the pockets, because I usually wear a belt, so the PRPS label isn’t even showing. It’s the back pockets that speak for themselves.

You can buy PRPS, PRPS Noir, and PRPS Goods & Co. jeans on their website.

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