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We approached denim genius, Jeff Rudes, former Mr. J Brand and now Mr. L’AGENCE, about some advice for choosing the right back pockets. And he said verbatim {no editing here}:

— “A women wants to feel glamorous about how her butt looks. Size, shape, and back pockets are what it takes.

Getting the butt looking great is the most important essential of designing a jean and it’s all starts with working on the back pockets. The rise plays an important roll: low rise to high rise jeans require different placement. It starts with the perfect V shape yoke being the pockets are placed in line with the yoke. A low positioned yoke will mean low placed pockets and will not allow for a good pocket placement. Once the yoke is position, the placement of the pockets follow which takes on this V shape. This is the most important part of creating the perfect pocket placements. Pocket sizes could make or break all of this. We make different pocket sizes for each jean size – this is absolutely important. Small pockets make your butt look larger and larger pockets are just right for the perfect butt.”–

And he says more:

–“The L’AGENCE special stretch fabric DNA, that isn’t in the global market – L’AGENCE owns the exclusive. The contour waistband and how it works with the butt, is a whole complete “science”,  and then it’s the yoke and the pockets that are fundamental in creating the perfect jean and fit. This is what I was to do when I created the L’AGENCE jean. J BRAND was best for its time and what I wanted was even better than the best.” —

What can I say, guys…. I know Jeff personally, he is a detail person, a perfectionist, in his work he demands absolute perfection and dedication, the same way he gives it to every little single detail.

So, resuming.  As the editor of Denimology for many years now, and with my denim experience, I suggest you try these jeans yourself. Try them in different styles, take your mom, sis, or BFF, and let them help you with this,


We want to know all about your experience with the L’AGENCE jeans, and so do our readers. Just leave us your comment below!

You can choose from a good selection of L’Agence jeans at Barney’s, SAKS, and Shopbop.

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