distressed jeans

Justin Bieber, wearing again his fave pair of distressed En Noir jeans, and Rita Ora were spotted arriving for dinner at Kitchen 24 in Los Angeles, California.

The two clearly wanted to hold on to their privacy, as Justin had his hoodie zipped up so that only one eye was visible and Rita kept her face hidden behind a cap. We think it’s kind of cute how both embraced their strange feelings of shyness together.

Justin hid his face inside his black Fear of God half zip hoodie, which is sold out, but you can buy it in beige still at Barney’s. He completed his look with a pair of checkered slip on Vans.

Rita did a good job going for that rugged look, pairing her outfit with some clunky boots, a tiny silver mini skirt, and a pretty dope hat that reads “style” in Russian letters.

Justin’s distressed Fear of God Jeans are available here, and you can also buy some different En Noir jeans here.

ripped jeans


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