denim pencil skirts

Kim Kardashian and hubby, Kanye West, headed into Nobu for a Father’s Day lunch on Sunday afternoon in Malibu, Calif.

Kim wore a super tight, clinging denim pencil skirt and a pair of knit, mid-calf boots In 90-degree weather! And naturally, one of her ubiquitous bodysuits was also part of the ensemble. Her boots are from Kayne’s Yeezy Season 2 Knit Ankle Boots, IF you want to buy them for almost $900, check here.

Ugh ok. Kim Kardashian West can wear whatever she wants and we can’t stop her. Unfortunately.

It’s interesting, actually. Kim wears some of the most uncomfortable outfits in existence, and we just have to wonder if she has a higher pain and discomfort tolerance than other mortals.

Seems like it!

Kanye was far more sensibly dressed in white jeans and a light cotton shirt.

You can buy denim pencil skirts here, and if you want some knit boots, check out some styles at Bloomingdale’s and at La Garçonne.

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