One Teaspoon in Vogue Netherlands

Destructed denim is so hot right now…but nobody does it quite like One Teaspoon! If you like torn up, worn out, thrashed out…like SERIOUSLY thrashed and trashed out, this is the brand for you. I like though, that they have a good variety all up and down the distressed spectrum, so they really do have something for everyone. But if you like edge, look no further. Here is an One Teaspoon in Vogue Netherlands, for a shoot with NikeLab and Olivier Rousteing, the Creative Director of Balmain. The model is looking incredible in a pair of One Teaspoon‘s Fox Black Rollers, a pair of stylin’ shorts that fit with a slim low waist and and a long rise. They feature a “raw dramatic curve” through the hem, and distressing varies with the wash of each short for a one of a kind piece! One Teaspoon is meant to generally be low slung and fitted but slightly relaxed, giving the option to size down for a tighter, slimmer high waist fit or size up for an even baggier, low rider fit. All One Teaspoon jeans are pre shrunk, and the brand even advises to tumble dry your denim pieces (usually a no no in the premium denim world) to maintain original fit and keep the soft vintage feel. Festival season is not over, and I’d say these make a great piece for its entire duration!

Shop the One Teaspoon Fox Black Rollers here!


  1. If you gonna wear em that short you need to be in great shape.

    I think they would look even cuter several inches longer.

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