this is a really cute video and we asked the Parasuco guys to tell us a bit about why/what/where….:-)

“The Garden of Denim was a purposely made home style video created to showcase our 2 new “home grown” jeans, The 9KLIP and the 9ROYO.

With little to no experience in filming/editing, we really wanted to portray the message that in any setting, these jeans are to be taken seriously.

We put care and attention to detail into each jean that comes to life, just as one who harvests his own produce would.
Our garden just happens to grow denim. Locally cultivated and freshly picked, Parasuco’s #gardenofdenim produces some of the most fresh and exotic denim this season has to offer. Watch as our #denimdude tests out the new styles, making sure they are juuuuuust right for you. In a world that is so serious; we refuse to be.

Richard Stoica added his twist of comedy to the production, giving birth to the DenimDude.

This may be the start of a segment for the denim dude? To be continued…”

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