PRPS at Traffic Los Angeles

The rip and repair style is so unique, and probably gives off the well loved denim look better than any other traditionally distressed denim. Torn, patched and stitched up detailing is nothing new to those who spend years breaking in a pair of raw or dry jeans, but for those of us who want more of an on-demand style, there are plenty of amazing pairs to choose from! Here’s a beautiful pair from PRPS at Traffic Los Angeles, a boutique that’s been kicking butt in the name of fashion since 1977. Both the straight Barracuda fit from PRPS and the more slim straight Demon come in this wash, called Pangaroo. I loved the cuffed up look in Traffic’s photo that almost makes them look like a boyfriend jean…for men! The high contrast between lights and darks in this wash is the eye popping signature look I’d expect from this totally cool, edgy brand. Made of 11oz denim, they’ll stick around with you for years and years more to come, keeping you styling wherever you go.

If you’re nowhere near Los Angeles, you can shop the PRPS Barracuda in Pangaroo at Nordstrom here, and the Demon version here!


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