As everyone, who is familiar with denim, knows, Parasuco Jeans is a global success story and owes much of its success to its constant creative renewal. Did you know that Salvatore Parasuco first developed stretch denim, the sandblasting of jeans, and he was the first to do acid wash jeans in Canada over 40 years ago?

For a while now, Parasuco has been re-structuring its company and they are now back full force, with an amazing women’s and men’s collection! I was able to check it out at their showroom here in NYC, and hey, the Parasuco jeans are anything but “blah”! No boringness, and no sameness here lol!

Founded in Montreal by Salvatore Parasuco in 1975, the brand offers unique design-driven premium denim collections at unparalleled value and uncompromising quality. As one of the most influential denim players in the industry, Parasuco Jeans has developed an international sales infrastructure of established showrooms, distributors, partners and licensees.

Just to give you a taste of what the Parasuco collection is about:

If you’re looking to stand out this season check out the unique “newbie” in our collection, the 9KLIP jean with easy clip closure.

klip button fly closureCompletely deconstructed & faded indigo denim featuring multiple ergonomic 3D cut-outs. A MUST-TRY super slim fit jean with articulated knees in an ultra comfortable stretch cotton-polyester blend. They are made of completely deconstructed faded indigo denim featuring multiple ergonomic 3D cutouts.

You can buy the Parasuco 9KLIP LOW RISE / SUPER SKINNY on their website.

motorcycle jeans

destructed jeans


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