black jeans, ripped jeans

Rita Ora made sure that her music preferences were known to the world as she sported a loose-fitting T-shirt that was emblazoned with a photo of Madonna looking sultry in a leopard print leotard.

It’s that tricky time of year when we can’t quite decide how many layers to wear when leaving the house. But when it comes to shoes, there is a solution that works whatever the weather. You’ll never go too far wrong with some ankle boots so if your footwear collection needs an update then this is the style to do it. These babies here are a pair of Saint Laurent $895 Tan Suede Jodhpur Ankle Boots, but you can buy similar and just as cute booties for much le$$ here and here.

Skinny black jeans with rips and frayed hems are so right now, grab your own pair here.

skinny jeans


  1. Based on what the boots look like in the photos I think one could buy several pairs for less than the price of these mediocre ones.

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