Ryan Kenny in Rolla's Overalls

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen the overall trend…and all of a sudden, I’ve been seeing them all over the place! Granted, it’s been mostly on Instagram, but the festival circuit definitely brought out several party revelers sporting their own. I haven’t really seen any men wearing them, until now! Here is photographer Ryan Kenny in Rolla’s Overalls, wearing the Trade Overalls in White. He pairs them with some Crocs, and looks good doing it, too! Photographers, just like bloggers and stylists, know how to make just about anything look good. I’m especially impressed seeing a dude wearing all white, considering even women are still often afraid to wear this pristine shade since it’s so easy to dirty up! The Rolla’s Trade Overall in White is made of clean cotton twill, and features all the basics that make the overall such an iconic item. Fashion is all about trying different things, so why not? Ryan here is rockin’ it!

Shop the Rolla’s Trade Overall in White here!


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