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Sofia Richie in Washed Out Black Ripped Jeans

Sofia Richie in Washed Out Black Ripped Jeans

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Sofia Richie was seen heading to a photo shoot with Vogue magazine in New York City.

Sofia was wearing distressed skinny jeans and a white graphic t-shirt layered underneath a black satin bomber jacket with gold trim. She added a pair of really interesting retro-inspired shades and completed her outfit with a pair of white hi-top sneakers.

Sofia’s jeans are in a washed out black color, featuring black threads at the knee rips – a cool contrast to they washed black of the jeans. As I had mentioned in other posts before – this is the summer of skinny ripped jeans, be it black, white or denim. As opposed to last year’s trashed and shredded boyfriend jeans! Do you miss those?

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  1. Seems a lot of celebs are into the black washed~out look. Do they really like them that much or have a lot of them been gifted?

    Think I had a pair of washed~out black jeans about twenty years ago.

    For the most part now I do not see faded black as a really attractive color and guess I am curious as to why it appears to have such a mass appeal since in my eyes it usually looks like someone has on a piece of clothing that was not washed properly or has been washed excessively….like a black tshirt that has been worn a multitude of times and has lost its pep.

    Think it is great that everyone does not like the exact same thing but sometimes I like to hear why others seem so crazy about something that I do not find appealing.

    Seems the washed~out grey look is somewhat popular too. Not into that either, but I am somewhat into a darker grey denim. I do like a lot of blue denim washes that have a worn look to them.

  2. There is really no GENERAL way of explaining a trend. Everybody just loves what he/she loves.
    Personally, I believe that the washed black is a logical consequence of the all time vintage trend. Old and used looking is totally right now and a fashion must-do. I must say that for the warmer season I do prefer a washed black, and leave the stark blacks more for fall and winter.

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