Soorty had some really innovating and quite awesome stuff going on at the Barcelona Premiere Vision show last month.

Soorty, a vertically integrated & leading denim manufacturer from Pakistan has launched their latest F/W 17-18 collection at the Denim Premiere Vision show, which took place on May 18th and 19th, 2016 in Barcelona . Denim Premiere Vision is a very well known and prestigious denim-show. Approximately 4000 denim manufacturers and brands from all over the world were present.

Soorty had a key position during the show, due to their innovative colors and high performance engineering. Check out some of the most interesting highlights below:


Soorty’s performance collection is super dynamic. Some important technologies of the performance series are as follow:

  • Armadura powered by Dyneema
  • Stretch Denim with good recovery
  • Cool Max – All seasons
  • Lycra Beauty


Soorty believes that sustainability is a life style rather than a product. They are always incorporating latest Eco inventions and innovations in their products and treatments. Vertical Integration has allowed Soorty to produce green denim from raw fiber till garment.

Organic Cotton

  • BCI
  • Recycled Cotton & polyester from pre & post-consumer waste.
  • Eco-colors are utilized for zero hazard chemical dyeing
  • Eco-Finishing is saving water and energy

Garments are washed with green screen chemicals, laser, ozone and no stone for a low impact on the environment, as assessed by EIM from Jeanologia.

Denim Vip

Includes super soft fabrics that will make you look good and, at the same time, feel comfy when wearing them. Tencel, Modal, Wool, and Linen are some of the premium fibers used in this collection.

4-way Stretch

Soorty’s game-changing 4 way stretches were developed to meet the consumer’s demands for second-skin denim with 360-degree comfort. These innovative fabrics have reduced shrinkage and better recovery, so that you can get a perfect silhouette without bagging and sagging. 4 way stretches are available in a wide range of colors and weights.


Darkest indigo, green cast, purple hues, back to greys, and promising bormo are Soorty’s main focus colors, redefining denim.


Authentic character in stretch and rigid denim. Colored wefts and cotton lycra fabrics with traits of dual Fx are the main features of this concept.


Soorty has “cooked” some marvelous cosmetics for denim. Stunning over-dye, super soft peachy skin, leather, and colored coatings, are a special treat for F/W 17-18.

And on a side-note: I was blown away by the image of these jeans shown below – they look like crackled blue ice, almost 3D! Awesome!

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