STRÖM Pin Trouser and Bysso Tank Top Review - Bysso Tank Full Front View

For today’s review I have something a little different for you all, and its not denim per-se but it definitely runs through the same vain. Today’s review is spotlighting STRÖM, and their Pin Trouser pant (surprise! or not, since the title gave it away) and the Bysso Tank. We give you the STRÖM Pin Trouser and Bysso Tank Top review.

Prior to receiving Strom’s Pin Trouser and Bysso Tank. I conducted a little inventory check in my wardrobe. I wanted to see if I owned any other trouser pants I can compare them with, but alas I had none. That to me was a clear indication that I needed to diversify my style a bit! Being in my *uh-hmm* mid-20’s, I don’t tend to gravitate towards this kind of style. Therefore my initial  thought on these was that they were a little too “conservative” for me, and I wasn’t really sure if I would  be able to “pull them off”. However, STRÖM has proven me wrong! Once I paired the Pin Trouser pants with the white Bysso tank (they have it in black as well); some funky heels and my vintage marigold jacket; I was power-walking myself down the street like nobody’s business! I can honestly say that this has been one of the funnest outfits I have worn, all while still feeling extremely comfortable, fashionable, and put together.

The Pin Trouser pants are made of black Italian sateen, and the “hand” is as soft as it sounds! Also its a nice rich and substantial weight with a very subtle sheen to it that almost looks like its been coated! (gives it a nice edgy appeal). It  sits higher on the waist, but since I’m short, and short-waisted I had to pull them up a bit more and cuffed the hem by  1″ (I probably needed to cuff them up a bit more but I will definitely be taking these in to accommodate my height. My usual size in denim is a 26, but  I also requested a size 25 and a 27 since I wasn’t familiar with the fit. Turns out these babies seem to run about 1 size too  big, so I ended up with a size 25. (I recommend trying out sizes if you’ve never tried trousers before).

The Bysso tank is a 100% cotton rib that speaks for itself. Its soft, comfortable and a great quality fabric, that is perfect for these hot summer days. The “cut” on this top is sexy and feminine, with a low cut neck and slight curved armholes that compliment your shoulders nicely. The small fit great, but I could’ve gone down to an extra-small since it was a bit long on me (again, I have a short torso). Regardless, the length of this top will still wear nicely on the days I choose to wear some leggings!

STRÖM Pin Trouser and Bysso Tank Top Review - Side View

In conclusion, Everything about this Pin Trouser pant is perfection.  And the Bysso Tank in white is a must-have (because a girl can never have enough white tops). Both these styles are the definition of “true staple pieces” and they have been integrated effortlessly into my closet. I will be styling these with just about everything I already own!!

You can get the Pin trouser pant here.

Also the Bysso Tank in white, here.

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