Denim Premiere VisionThomas Dislich, Director of VICUNHA Europe and Asia, sums up the most recent edition of Denim Première Vision Barcelona, which took place on May 18th and 19th, 2016.  He reviews the Vicunha product line, visitors to the tradeshow, pricing and trends:

“Our VICUNHA line complies with high quality design standards and perfectly reflects the creativity and dynamics of our new products. The range includes classic vintage looks, high-performance bi-stretch, and fabrics with technically advanced washes and finishes using the latest environmentally-friendly technologies.

“We received a great deal of positive feedback about our bi-stretch models promising the ultimate ease of movement, both for men and women.

“In terms of visitors, the tradeshow’s focus was, of course, on European customers: key customers, both small and larger retailers alike, who also showed a lot of interest in our new marketing strategies.

“Competitive prices along with our total commitment to delivery and warehousing flexibility are huge factors in our favor. The increasing use of the delivery service from our warehouse in Colombo underscores the effective interaction between customer and producer.

“In terms of trends, VICUNHA is currently making a mark with inspired wash effects in the new collections. Our customers were impressed by the haute couture factor of our products.

“Our own VTrend magazine features collaborations with a number of noteworthy washing facilities.  This publication, which is also available as an app, is enjoying increasing popularity and is key in emphasizing VICUNHA’s innovative and creative direction as a hotbed for trends.

“While Denim Première Vision in Barcelona confirms the trends for the new season in Europe, at around the same time VICUNHA TEXTIL gave the starting signal for South America with its VIPreview event at its own showroom in São Paulo with ‘Discovery of the Wild’, ‘The Dreamers’, ‘Design Experience’ and ‘Open Source’, four strong trends for autumn/winter
2017/18 which were presented directly on stage to an audience of experts.”

{note from the editor: I was there and saw it all, it was one of the most amazing, complete and perfectly executed previews I had ever been invited to in all my years as a denim expert. I will be posting about some highlights from this preview here @Denimology in the weeks to come}

“In addition to showing the styles for the upcoming season, this seasonal event emphasized the cooperation with different partners. The brand’s current work with talented aspiring stylists, artists and noteworthy brands through our renowned workshops and industrial laundries was showcased on large displays. In particular, the new Dryarn concept in cooperation with DIESEL and the collaboration with English sunglasses company MOSEVIC showed just how forward-looking the technical skills of VICUNHA are and why VICUNHA is considered to be a leading global player.”


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