ripped and repair jeans

Discovery of the Wild is another extremely interesting trend preview from Vicunha.

“We live in an era of excessive consumption and information overload. Sometimes, it’s just good to get back to the simple things – the essence of man and his relationship to nature. To honor this return to simplicity, where life is made up of memories and experiences rather than consumerism and social media, we created a more back-to-basics style, characterized by a mix of denim for sports and work. And what better inspiration is there for this other than the folklore and festivities of the indigenous peoples.

We are introducing a wide range of fabrics to mirror the wide range of our multicultural origins: from light and fluid to more structured and rugged. Even the surface of the fabrics comes in varied effects to reflect the adventurous, the cheerful and decorative, all projecting an artisan accent that signals a return to our beginnings.”

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embellished jeans

wide leg jeans