While I was visiting with Vicunha in Brazil a couple of months ago, I had the opportunity to attend several seminars there during their VIPREVIEW. The seminars were mainly about the new trends predicted for the fall and winter 2017 season. One of the trends is called “The Dreamer”, a kind of vintage meets modern look I absolutely loved.

The Dreamer Collection brings an experimental mix in which the sacred values in the fashion universe as chic, luxury and design are reinvented. The mixture of historical references contributes to the creation of a diverse and fun aesthetic. Thus hangs in the air an atmosphere in which nostalgia, youth and romanticism come together and provide a feeling of euphoria and joy. Fashion is in celebration, the perfume is vintage, and the attitude is completely modern.

The moment is favorable to the paradigms of past and present dialogue. Compositions value flat surfaces and satin brightness. Interventions of multicolored and sparkling applications print the DIY (do it yourself) and retro-fun signature to the trend.


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