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We are totally impressed with Maurice, owner and creator of Williamsburg Garment Company, which is – for real – a one man show. I have met Maurice Malone, owner and creator of the brand, several times in the past years, and we always had the most interesting denim talks. He loves what he is doing – and so do we here, @Denimology!

We asked Maurice to tell us a bit about the new development his brand is going through and are delighted to know that Maurice is about to open his first store – in Brooklyn, of course – this summer. Here is what he tells us:

“When I launched Williamsburg Garment Company near the end of 2012, I had the simple goal to make a better denim brand without help from anyone. Having no brand on the market for several years and being unemployed, I wanted to prove that I could do every job well and along the way inspire people during a slumping economy who were like me and could find work or inventors for ideas.

With technology and throwing out the rules of doing business the old way, I knew Williamsburg Garment Company could take advantage of being small and become a strong brand with unlimited growth potential in the market.

The brand is nearly 4 years old now and I’ve taken it as far as one person can. I just signed a lease to open our first store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn this summer so I’m looking forward to add some “denim head help” to take the brand to the next level.”

Maurice, good luck and count us in when you open your store! We will be there to tell our readers all about it!

Watch the video below!


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