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Back Pockets – 7 For All Mankind

We wanted to know about the placing of back pockets on jeans to help us choosing the right styles when buying jeans.

And, of course, 7 for All Mankind had to be one brand that is essential for this kind of information. Remember, when they first launched quite a few years ago, they had that distinctive “A” letter stitched on all of their back pockets… it used to be such a thrill to show off your butt in a pair of these!

Since then, 7fAM has gone a long way to improve their designs and details… not that they were not good enough then, but there is always something to add, or distract, or… well, the point is that nowadays, 7fAM has a lot of different back pockets to choose from, check them out in this post and let us know if this helped you with your denim choice!

High Waist styles are great for curvy girls. Pockets are positioned higher on the butt and pitched perfectly to create the illusion of a smaller waist and killer curves.

Hight Waist jeans
High Waist Jeans

Boyfriend jeans have slightly larger pockets that sit lower on the butt to create a “borrowed from the boys” look. We love how effortlessly sexy they are with a great pair of heels.

Boyfriend jeans
Boyfriend jeans

Flare and Wide leg pockets are slightly smaller and positioned to create the illusion of a smaller waist/butt to help balance out the fullness in the leg. These jeans lengthen legs and tend to be the most flattering on all women.

Flare Jeans
Flare Jeans

Skinny jeans are the most versatile in a women’s denim wardrobe, and create an easy backdrop to dress up or down. Pockets are constructed to hug and shape a woman’s curves. They can be emphasized with details like our signature squiggle embroidery, or can blend into the background to create a slim illusion.

Skinny Jeans