denim Bangladesh

Five denim factories came into operations in the last five years amid rising demand for denim products in the global market.

“Four factories have already gone into production: Square, Nice, Thermax and Badsha”, said Mostafiz Uddin, managing director of Chittagong-based Denim Expert and organizer of Bangladesh Denim Expo that takes place in Dhaka twice a year.

“Another five companies plan to set up denim factories as the demand is on the rise, especially in the West, the major market of denim”, said Mostafiz. Adding that “Bangladeshi manufacturers used to produce mainly basic denim products such as the jeans themselves. But now they also produce shirts, bed sheets, pillow covers, home textiles, aprons and tablecloths”.

Production capacity of the denim mills in Bangladesh is more than 40 million yards a month as opposed to the demand for nearly 70 million yards. The rest is met through imports from countries like China, India, Pakistan and Turkey.

Bangladeshi entrepreneurs supply denim products to major global retailers and brands, including H&M, Uniqlo, Levis, Nike, Tesco, Wrangler, s.Oliver, Hugo Boss, Walmart and Gap.