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Cordura – Durable Denims Redefined: The Next Generation of Workwear Fabrics

Here are a few more very interesting facts about the newest CORDURA® brand launches. We totally love where they are going and can’t wait to check out their denim fabrics in “action”!

In a traditional sense, workwear has historically been designed for one purpose: to get the job done. However, with the latest generation of workers, a new generation of fabrics is also emerging. These fabrics are designed to combine a number of high-performance properties to create the ultimate cross-functional garment: designed to get you from the commute to the job to wherever else the day takes you.

In the realm of workplace apparel, durable denims have always been a key player. Whether it is a day on the jobsite or a day in the office, the industry is seeing a variety of denim fabrics incorporated into the workwear wardrobe. But now, these denims are designed to do more. Following is a highlight of the latest trends by CORDURA® brand in denim workwear – designed to combine style, performance and functionality to help keep you prepared for the challenges of the workday.

Trend 1: Lightweight Durability

Hard-wearing and durable doesn’t have to mean bulky. The latest denims for workwear are designed to be lightweight without compromising on performance.These fabrics have excellent resistance to abrasion (wearing), as well as high tensile and tear strength, to help create garments that are up for any task.

For example, the Levi’s® Commuter™ Collection features jeans made with strong, durable CORDURA® Denim, an ‘Endurance’ fabric designed to protect and withstand tears, scuffs and scrapes on your morning commute yet still remain soft and comfortable throughout the workday.

Trend 2: Stylish Functionality

Consumers’ unmet needs create an opportunity for garment designers to innovate. These designers often have a wish list for fabric performance, look and feel, which helps drive textile manufacturers to develop more multi-functional fabrics. Using a combination of innovative fiber, construction and finishing technologies, textile suppliers can now deliver fabrics with special features and benefits that are in demand for today’s modern workwear.

And with these denims, you don’t have to sacrifice functionality for style.Featuring hidden fabric benefits like moisture-wicking, temperature regulation and quick-dry, these fabrics help create garments tailored to your specific industry’s needs.

LaFont’s Notos Jeans highlight this combination of stylish functionality with a soft handle, durable stretch denim used to create an ergonomic design with preformed knees and comfort gussets for a jean that helps you to move freely and get the job done.

Trend 3: Rugged Reinforcement

Authentic, hardworking denims designed for optimum performance and comfort, all day, in tough work environments are the essential go to base fabric for rugged work jeans. Classic CORDURA® denim fabrics are more than 4 times more resistant to abrasion than comparable 100% cotton denims. For garments that need to work harder, longer – like the heavy duty Blåkläder x1500 work jean – the solution is combining a strong, durable base denim with a specialist protective reinforcement fabric. Designers have a wide choice of versatile, super-durable fabrics offering excellent resistance to tearing and abrasion that can be used to provide extra protection in a garment where it is needed most – reinforcing areas such as knees, hems, pockets, elbows and shoulders. Helping to create stylish, functional garments ready to work overtime.

With the right fabrics, the possibilities are endless for stylish and durable workwear.

To learn more about our latest long-lasting denim fabrics – the ‘Authentic Alchemie’ Collection – visit And, discover the versatility of CORDURA® fabrics for crossover fashion/function garments though our collaboration with design students at ESMOD Paris design school here.