wide leg jeans

This is actually Demi Lovato here, posing at the New York Mets, at Citi Field, with her “Future Now” co-headliner, Nick Jonas. At first glimpse I couldn’t believe it…..

Nah, pretty please, Demi don’t do this to yourself! πŸ™ You have such a hot bod, but these jeans make you look dowdy, especially paired with this lady-like nude blouse. These paperbag wide leg jeans with the attached denim belt doesn’t even fit you right. The jeans are like, at least, one size too small. Too tight at the hips and legs. Please, loose these jeans and show us your great curves in denim shorts or skinny jeans, at least! πŸ™‚

Wide leg jeans are really tricky, if not the trickiest of all denim styles. They are supposed to be cut wide enough from the hip to the bottom, and no way they should cling to your legs or butt, except at the waist. Otherwise they would be just plain flare jeans. It’s even better to shop for wide leg denim trousers – check it out here and here.

high rise jeans


  1. I am surprised you could get passed those sleeves that are at three~quarter length.

    Her hair and eyebrows look pretty.

    Some girls don’t mind having that “thick” look. Perhaps she would have looked better posing at a different angle.

    You did not comment on Nick’s pants. They look like they may be denim.

  2. These jeans are disfiguring. Keeping the mid section, hips and crotch tight and the rest big is really bad design.

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