denim sail boat

Your next pair of blue jeans may have just set sail on the Seto Inland Sea bound for Shizuoka.

The sailing vessel “Ami” unfurled its sails made from blue jeans denim on July 26, at the port. The Ami is part of the “Cruising Jeans” project dreamed up by Kaihara Co., Japan’s largest manufacturer of denim blue jeans.

The idea is to use sails made of denim. These will get a distinctive and cool look after being exposed to the briny ocean breezes, sun, and rain of a seagoing sailing vessel.

The Ami boasts eight sails measuring a total of about 100 square meters made of relatively thick denim that is also used for blue jeans.

“Denim fabric is usually lighter than sailcloth and easy to handle,” said Mitsuo Tamari, captain and owner of Ami. “We want to test its durability by using a thicker denim fabric.”

The Ami is scheduled to arrive in Numazu, Shizuoka on August 3rd, after sailing through waters in Kagawa, Hyogo, Wakayama and Mie.

After completing the journey, the Ami’s sails will be removed, and Kaihara will use the weathered cloth to manufacture blue jeans.

“This is a challenge that the world has never seen before,” said Yasuhiro Kuwada, 28, a Kaihara representative. “It will expand the possibilities for denim fabric.”

I am thinking…. forget laser treatments, or sandwashing your denim! Let nature do this job! I really have to give it to the Kaihara guys, I would never have thought of this – what a rad idea! The most I ever did was swimming in the ocean wearing my raw jeans, and rolling in the sand, for a used in and faded look. Sailboat anyone?! 😉

Oh, and aren’t you wondering what their next weathered jeans project will be? We are!