restored jeans

Tired of wearing your high school days fanny pack around your waist?

Well, you can ditch it now! G-Star created, what they call, the “Pouch Jean”, which is a boyfriend jean with a fanny pack included LOL! What a rad idea!

The Pouch jeans come in two versions, one is made of restored denim, which is super soft and  lighter weight, and the other is made of the G-Star trademark raw denim. And to make our summer wardrobe complete, this style also comes in shorts. The restored version is individually numbered to represent a unique combination of restoration and techniques.

G-Star sent me a pair of the restored jeans to test and it was a-maze! Not only because I am a sucker for individually numbered denims…LOL!

I put all my usual “litter” into the pouch: metro-card, wallet, gum, and other thingies, and did not miss my usual handbag AT ALL! Seriously, and it’s so cool to have all your stuff within easy reach!

You can grab your very own raw or restored pouch jeans here.

pouch jeans

raw denim


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